entec DMX USB pro MK2 with MPC


Hi! I have Enttec dmx usb PRO MK2 controller, and I want to use MPC software. With other software (freestyler, DMX PRO Manager) I can controll my lights, but with MPC I can't. In MPC DMX settings I can choose enttec mode "Open DMX" and "PRO". I have Enttec dmx usb PRO MK2 I choose "PRO" but software can't find dmx usb device. When I choose "open DMX" software find "open dmx" device and I can't work with it. Please help me with this problem.



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The MK2 and the older Pro have different initialization strings, since the MK2 can be set to do multiple universes (for one thing). I do not have the M-PC software, but my guess would be that since the MK2 is not listed as a setup option, the M-PC software is not scanning for it specifically. Since you say other packages 'find' the MK2 (you can try mine as well), the conclusion would be that an update is needed for the M-PC package for the newer device. The Open device does not have an internal timer for DMX and wants to communicate via a usb to serial communication internally. Even if you get it to work, controlling over 24 channels will be spotty. But, again, the init string is different and if the M-PC software is not sending it... You could check when you have your second screen up, that in Device Manager under serial ports, you see an Enttec device.
Bottom line - I would see if Martin has an update for the MK2.

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