Episode 40: Mental Health First Aid Training

As many of us return to work, we do so with a measure of uncertainty, and in some cases a great level of concern. Rarely has mental health been more at the forefront for our workforce. Looking out for yourself & those around you is now possibly your most important skill. In this episode of the The Event Safety Podcast, ESA President Jim Digby discusses Mental Health First Aid training with Production Coordinator Debbie Taylor (Guns & Roses/Rolling Stones) and Consultant/MHFA Instructor Bryan Huneycutt (Huneybadger Entertainment). They explore why this training is so important to our industry, program objectives, how it has helped them in their professional and personal lives, and more.

ESA is partnering with Behind the Scenes charity to deliver Mental Health First Aid training this July in Nashville. More information and registration link can be found in the show notes.


Mental Health First Aid Training (Summer NAMM, July 14)

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This is something that we all need to get onboard with. It is still rough out there. And in a lot of places, it's not getting easier for people.


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I took this about a year ago, and I strongly endorse it too. Our university is paying for training of every faculty/staff interested.

The training is mostly common-sense stuff, but things I had never considered. It's just like regular first aid- recognizing when someone might need help, stabilizing the immediate situation, and getting help from professional responders. No diagnosis. No treatment.

Who should be the first people to notice someone is in distress? THE PEOPLE THEY INTERACT WITH EVERY DAY.
How many times do we hear stories after a bad outcome that "Well, they were acting a little weird, but I just assumed that..."?This is the training to avoid those situations.

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