Episode 56: Lies, Damn Lies, and More Lies

Is your meter lying to you? Can welding cable be used in event applications? Does electricity always take the path of least resistance? Is it ok to plug a power strip into another power strip? What about extension cords? In this episode of The Event Safety Podcast Danielle welcomes back author, ETCP Recognized Trainer, ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician, and all-around fabulous human Richard Cadena. He discusses his most recent article in Protocol Journal and challenges Danielle to a game of “Lies, Damn Lies, and More Lies”. If you work regularly with electrics, you MUST check out this episode.

Is Your Meter Lying to You? (Protocol)
Richard Cadena Website
Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA)

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Senior Team
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I really enjoyed it! Richard Cadena somehow always manages to make serious material fun and interesting.

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