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Hello all, I am involved with the ESTA CPWQ task group that is currently working on plans for future protocols. As a part of that effort a survey was written to gauge peoples satisfaction with current protocols, fixture libraries, etc... We'd like to have as many participants as possible and the ControlBooth community would be a great one to get on the survey. Let us know what protocols SHOULD be doing so that we can design them for you. Here is the canned text to go along with the link. If you have any feedback that you feel this survey didn't capture, please feel free to message me or the email below.

Thank you!
“Do you want to change the future of entertainment control?

The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) is the group that develops technologies you use every day, like DMX512, RDM and sACN. We need your help to understand if these technologies work for you. Do they make your job easier? Do you use all the features they offer? What kind of systems are you building with them? We want to know the answer to all of these questions, so we're inviting you to spend ten minutes or less responding to an online survey telling us how our work affects your work.

ESTA's Technical Standards Program (TSP) will use these responses to help us improve the protocols we have, as well as guide us in the future. If you want to join us for the next steps, we would love your help. In addition to the manufacturers who design products, we're especially interested in participation by entertainment professionals.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.”

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