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Have been working with the same ETC board for a few years, the last year or so we've had the same problem occurring on and off:

During tech we program cues with transition times and follows and save the show often.

After tech the board will not playback the correct transition/follow times for various cues that have *just been saved* Generally this happens when the board is turned off and turned back on. The cues that it happens to change each time the show loads when the board turns on.

-no, I'm not accidentally selecting "load show" instead of "save"
- yes, I am backing up to the hard drive and a backup flash drive, neither are loading properly.
- the software has not been updated recently (could this be the problem?)

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have a solution?


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I would call ETC tech support 1-800-688-4116 immediately. They are very helpful and are sure to point you in the right direction promptly.

I'm not aware of this issue at all, but an update wouldn't hurt... But if you have some corrupt data it may or may not help at all.
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Definitely call ETC, this is a weird one. I would consider trying to save internally and externally and then load an old show, and re-load your current show to make sure your changes are saved. Alternatively, power down with an old save file loaded and after power up reload your new show and see if that effects anything.

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Definitely call ETC as mentioned, but you can also try opening a new show file which can clear any corruptions and even some bugs from old show files and then merge the pieces you need from your current show and that might get rid of some random computer gunk that's causing you to have errors.

We go through and dump our system about twice a year. I load and edit our master rep file that was created from a blank console. With a full year on a rep plot I was finding that our console was running show files that were edits of parent files going back 6+ months and multiple companies and shows deep. Saving often is of course the first line of defense, but a save is an edit so if something in the file is corrupted you save that too. The issue we were experiencing was the classic "the console ate my cues", it turns out the console had fractured bits and pieces of so many shows that the show file was getting degraded. A new show file and merging the patch and cues cleaned everything up. Not quite the same as what you're experiencing, but at this point it sounds like anything is worth trying.

Of course you can always replace/upgrade to a new console :lol: Sometime's my favorite trouble shooting answer when it comes to things sometimes not working is "If it's not broken I can't fix it, better be safe and replace it before it breaks again". That argument almost never works... but it's the dream that keeps me going.


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If you update to the latest software, the system will do a deep clear which may clean up some of the "ghosts".

You can also do the deep clear without updating. Make sure you have your current show file saved (hard drive and USB), exit to the shell, go to Settings, then Maintenance. The top option is Deep Clear. When done, you'll have to load your show again (open it from either hard drive or USB) and check your cue timing. If you call ETC, this is one of the first things that they will ask you to do. Might as well try it before you call.

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