Control/Dimming ETC Element - How do I open the color picker?

Hi! I hope this answers your question:

From any display, you can see the tabs on that display listed above the command line. You can add the color picker tab by clicking on the plus button to the right of all of your tabs. Then, you can select color picker from the options (its in the middle of the third row).


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There are two ways (well three) to access the colour picker.

1) You can open a new WORKSPACE (the 1, 2 & 3 buttons top left of the screens) which you can configure differently. Press the FRAMES CONFIGURE button (beside the WORKSPACE, a monitor with hashed lines intersecting in the middle) to lay out how you would like. Then for each frame at the bottom there are TABS, press the ADD TAB button (the plus sign).
Select Color Picker

2) Instead of selecting color picker you can select ML CONTROLS which contains the color picker and all other intelligent light controls

3) Press the ML CONTROLS button on the top of the element keyboard. This will open ML controls in the BROWSER pop-up menu. (Used for About, Browser & ML Controls)

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