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Control/Dimming ETC Emphasis/SuperMasters

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by derekleffew, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    [user]SteveB[/user], and other Emphasizers;), since you seem to be a big fan of SuperMasters, could you explain what they are and how they work? And is Emphasis the only application of them?
  2. SteveB

    SteveB Well-Known Member

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    Brooklyn, NY
    Supermasters are masters of other subs.

    It's an Emphasis only function that I have found very, very useful.

    You can assign ANY sub (or not), though I believe only Pile On, Effect and Subroutine (another function added in Emphasis) subs - I.E. Not Inhibit subs. I would have to check on inhibits. In Emphasis, you can assign a sub to be Pile-On, Inhibit, Effect, Subroutine, Supermaster. You can then run thru the Supermaster menu with a Y or N for which subs on the SM.

    One usage is to allow a quicky grab as a master of all the other looks you might have up on a bunch of subs, allowing a FTB with a restore on an SM call. In essence it makes the Subs become another Scene, with only 24 handles, of course on an Express.

    Another use is an Ion (if they add the Supermaster feature) with 2x20 fader wings and a 2x10. You could assign single channels to the upper row of 2 - 2x20's - Ch's 1-40, and do the same on a lower row, then make a Supermaster for ea. row, on the 2x10 and you have a 40 channel 2 scene as well as 18 playbacks/subs remaining on the 2x10. Ditto on an Insight with Emphasis - you get a 36 channel with 34 subs (plus 2 supermasters as scene masters) on the lower row.

    Or group your Subs for a set on a TV or Film shoot, with a Supermaster for the group with no need to lose the levels of the subs.

    Or master the intensity levels for a bunch of ML's running effects on faders, with a restore capability.

    It seems like a very useful feature for a TV studio that has a ton of subs on an Ion, or for a sale to a school that still wants their beloved 2 scene capability - "Sure, you say, Ion can become a 2 scene".

    Steve B.
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