ETC Express & Diversitronics strobes


Hey all... looking for advice on running a Diversitronics DK-56Q-DMX on a ETC Express... I've set the dip switches correctly (I think) & still not getting them to flash... need some help with trouble shooting


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Have you patched them correctly on the console? Is the port turned on that you have them patched into?


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I've never used these strobes, but let me talk you though what you want to do.

Take Data out of whichever universe (most likely universe 1, just grab it after it goes through the dimmers) and plug the data from that into the first strobe. From first strobe to second strobe and so on and so on.

Take the dip switches on the strobes and set them for whatever your last dimmer number is plus one (so if I have DMX channels 1-36 as dimmers, DMX channel 37 is the first strobe).

Lather, rinse, and repeat with the rest of the strobes (NOTE: if you wanted to you could set the dip switches all to the same channel and then they all turn on at once.

In Patch mode on the board, patch as you would a normal conventional light. For instance, if you have a strobe whos dip switch is at 37, and you wanted that strobe on control channel 12, just patch [dim]37[enter] [chan] 12.

Then plug the strobe in, cause things like electricity, and flip a switch on if applicable.

Somethings you may have done wrong:
If you took data from the strobes out of the second universe of the board, the strobes are at whatever you set the dip switches at PLUS 512. This is because by default the second universe of the board starts at channel 513.

You can change the start address of universe two in the settings page if needed.

Hope this helps,


Some fairly obvious things (but sometimes they are the things that get looked over).
1. All the strobe tubes are in operating condition?
2. DMX cabling tested - is the signal getting through it?
3. Power is turned on?

The number of times I have wondered why I had no activity on my DMX unit and then realised a simple flick of the switch back at power distribution would rectify, is beyond a joke!! :lol:

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