ETC Express LCD compatibility

I belive most LCD monitors still have this kind of input. It is the standard type of output for computers to have to this day, and most laptops and projectors also have this kind of output, so you really shouldnt have a problem finding an LCD with this kind of input. I had this board in my HS and the output on it was exactly like the video output on my laptop and any other computer, and we used a standard computer monitor w/ it, and as far as i know, most LCDs still support this format. Hope this helps
Yes, an LCD with a regular VGA 15-pin conector will work fine. We have a Viewsonic 17" LCD on our Express 48/96, and it works fantastically.
I don't think I have seen any lighting console with a DVI connector on it yet, not saying they don't exist, but....

Ion, as well, uses DVI monitors. Actually, to really get the most out of the desk you should only use DVI monitors. Although there is one VGA output port on the desk.

The Express uses a VGA port to output video. Any monitor with a VGA port will work.

As for the DVI/VGA adapter issue, it won't always work.

For instance, on the ION, the video cards only put out a DVI signal. So if you try and hook up a VGA monitor to the DVI output through the adapter, you will get nothing. On the EOS however, the DVI outputs spit out both DVI and VGA, so if you use an adapter, you are okey dokey. I don't know of monitors that accept VGA signals through their DVI input (They usually have the separate inputs.) - That doesn't mean they don't exist, i just haven't seen them.
In other console display news, HES has just announced an external VGA monitor is available, via a USB-VGA adapter, for the Road Hog.

Although the trend is toward DVI, VGA will be with us for a long time forward, unlike the CGA monitors of the "classic" ETC boards.
The Hog line doesn't use just VGA. The IPC uses DVI, and comes with an adapter for it. It is dual link, so that means to separate monitors for one output. The adapter splits out into two VGAs.
Real men connect their desks to Projectors. VGA is VGA is VGA is VGA. Plus it's unlikely that the desk will put out higher then 640x480, so any run of the mill LCD will do the trick. AND look cool.

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