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Hello all,

Working on a quote for a few tweaks at a museum. I'm more of an audio guy so I 'll probably end up subbing out the LX stuff, but I'm trying to figure what kind of tools we'll need before I quote the job.

It's a pretty simple setup: all conventional fixtures, probably ~50 dimmer channels run off an ETC Express LPC, just a handful of cues. Client wants to add a special and another cue. Being that it's run off an LPC, would I need to bring (i.e. rent) an Express console to make the changes or would the Expression offline software on a laptop suffice? (realizing that I'll need to conjure up a floppy drive)

BTW, client has no desire to replace the playback controller. Lighting is the only thing still working at the venue. They're more concerned with fixing the broken audio and video systems.


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For those who don't know, LPC = Lighting Playback Controller, a rackmount Express guts with no facepanel.
... or would the Expression offline software on a laptop suffice? ...
You have to answer this question for yourself. Yes, it CAN be done, but SHOULD it be done depends on the complexity of the end product and on your tolerance of frustration. Make a change on EOL, save the show, walk the floppy to the LPC, load the show, play the show. Take notes, make corrections. Repeat until perfect.

Not being able to see the changes being made "live" is not that dissimilar to programming while blindfolded.

I'm pretty sure one could find an Express to rent or borrow for a day in the Orlando area.


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Another in-between option is to come up with an old wired RFU to connect to the LPC--possibly along with a VGA monitor for display. This will give you basic control without needing an entire console. It might even be worth checking whether the museum has an RFU stuffed in a drawer somewhere, as this would have been very convenient during the initial programming and any subsequent changes.

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