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Hmm, will have to keep an eye on this console. Looks rather promising actually--I hope the price tag stays low.
I'm hoping that my college gets it while I'm there, because the tech director said that when ETC made their next big console breakthrough after the Congo, he was going to get it on the budget. And this thing looks awesome. With the 20+ intel fixtures usually in the air for the dance concerts there, I hope that it shows up during my freshman or sophomore year. That would be simply awesome. And here's to the price tag staying low, as well.
After a more thorough review, I'm inclined to say that the price is going to be very high. I mean, who is going to need 99 cuelists? This console has the capabilities of a few other consoles thrown together!
I saw a comment I believe (on the Lightnetwork) from a Martin rep. that is is NOT a Martin/ETC project.

It's also been reported that ETC is due out with a new console LINE, sometime this fall, I believe for LDI ?. The scuttlebutt is that Eos is a teaser, as in something to keep folks interested while they get the whole package of stuff ready. Check out the ETC website, there's also news about RDM compliant Net3.

Note that it's a move they need to make - releasing news, as Strand just came out w/ a new Pallette line of consoles. It's also been 12 years since Express/Expression-Insight III, so they're long overdue.
I'm sure that some college professors, if they really wanted to, could get demos of certain consoles. Especially if they say that they're considering buying a new one. I've seen some pretty cool stuff just by saying that I might want to buy one, but there's still something else in the running, and I need to see how it really works. I've had a few experiences like that, but I've got alot of stories about others doing it. It usually works well.

Consoles to learn/mess around with:
All of them. But the two that I really want to get my fingers on are the Congo and Eos.

And yes, ETC also hinted in their news section at a new control phenomenon coming later this year. And from the way they expressed it, I don't think that it was Eos. I hope that they come out with some new consoles. That would be awesome. It's 'bout time!!!
Just to confirm what others have said... I've been told by my local sales rep that the Express/Expression line is going away this fall and will be replaced by something new and cool that will be unveiled at LDI in October. Also don't forget to take a look at the new Strand light Pallets. I'm filling a brand new black box theater in about a year and a half and I'm eager to see what comes out. So far I've been really impressed by the Marquee boards. But I look forward to what ETC brings out next.
Hell, that's even good news for me--I want to get something like an Expression for our school, hopefully a new line will make the used price go down (okay who am I kidding, but its nice to dream)
It is nice to see ETC getting more geared into the ML console market. I am a litte weary however, the Congo, from what I have heard, has had a number of issues, and the syntax just sounds crazy to me.

But I do like the idea of "partitioned control" for designers and programers. They seem to be moving in good directions.

Personally I am pretty excited for the Strand Pallatte series, probably going to get a demo in the next few months.
i never quite understood what the partitioning did exactly? I know its kind of its own thing but could someone give me a short answer.

I would like to get a demo of the strand pallattes and possibly the new etc while at college just to see what they can do.
has teh reversed polish syntax on the Congo really been problem? i mean its is different then how were used to things but in the long runn its less keystrokes.

also, what are the chances that the new line will be cheap enough for the average theater? that to me is the most appealling thing about the express is that your bean counters don't need to be too (opertative word) generous for you to aquire one.
From what I understand of partitioning, it enables any platform on the system (ie laptop with offline editor, or another EOS slaved board) to program simultaneously (like the ML programmer and the conventional programer) or to allow the designer to view the channel page or some other page while programmer is utilizing other windows and pages, however I may have the wrong idea.

As for the reversed syntax, I have not seen a demo of Congo yet, but just from the sound of it I would imagine it would take a bit of getting used to. learning it from scratch probably would not be a problem though. I do appreciate the idea that it would reduce keystrokes, it just seems like I would always hit 5 @ 5 enter and get an error because i didnt specify Channel, where before Channel was just default.
Just to squash some rumors, first ETC and Martin and not working together to make this board. Second EOS is an entiarrly different Board than Congo. EOS is the replace ment for Obsesion II and uses an identical sysntax. Yes congo uses a different syntax and it does take a little bit of time to get use to. EOS will be fully unvailed at LDI in October.

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Awesome. I also can't wait to see the new express/expression replacements.

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