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These are all the fixtures in the library with a DMX Footprint of 4 and Channel map of 1:Intens, 2:Red, 3:Green, 4:Blue

Manufacturer EOS Name
A & O Lighting LED_Par64_IP65_4ch
AC Lighting M_LED_ARCD
American Pro Arial_4_Arc_1+D
American Pro Perseo_Ar1d
American Pro Proton_Arc_1+D
American Pro Quasar_Arc_1+D
American Pro Rayvac_ARCd
American Pro Zinc_ARC1+D
Blizzard Lighting Puck_V12_Arc_1.d
Blizzard Lighting Toughpar_Fab5_Arc_1.D
Briteq LED_Mega_Beam_Ar1_D
Briteq Pro_Beamer_RGBW_AR1.D
Briteq Stage_Beamer_RGB_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_IP_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Quad_IP_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Quad_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Quad_Zoom_Tour_AR1.D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Tri_7_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Tri_IP_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_1_Tri_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_2_Arc_1_D
Chauvet Colorado_2_Quad_Zoom_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_2_Zoom_IP_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_2_Zoom_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_3P_Tour_Arc_1_D
Chauvet Colorado_4_IP_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_Btn_144_Tour_Arc_1+D
Chauvet Colorado_Btn_72_Tour_Arc_1+D
Chauvet Colorado_Btn_80i_Arc_1_+_D
Chauvet Colorado_Btn_Quad_9_IP_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colorado_Deco_Quad_1_Tour_A1.d
Chauvet Colorado_Range_IP_AR1.D
Chauvet Colorado_Ridge_IP_AR1.D
Chauvet Colorado_Zoom_Tour_ARC1+D
Chauvet Colordash_Btn_Tri_Arc_1+D
Chauvet Colordash_Par_Arc_1+D
Chauvet Colordash_Par_Tri_Arc_1+D
Chauvet Colordash_Quad_Arc_1+D
Chauvet Colorrail_4ch
Chauvet SlimPanel_Tri_24_IP_4ch
Chauvet SlimPar_Pro_Tri_4ch
Chauvet Well_AR1.D
Chauvet Well_Quad_M_AR1D
Pulse Slimlite_56_4ch
Expolite AkkuLED_AR1.D
Expolite ELP_78_CM_LED_Powerstick_19
Expolite TourLED_36.wp_ARCd
Expolite TourLED_42cm_Ar1.d
Expolite TourStick_72_RGBWA_Arc_1+D
Expolite Tourstick_P4_RGBW_Arc1+D
G-Lec LightFrame_1_x_1
Generic LED_IRGB_8B
Iluminarc Ilumipanel_180_IP_Optic_Arc1+D
LDDE SpectraLED_20_RGB
Longman Stagebar_54_4ch
Microh LED_Stage_Par_4ch
MT Lighting LEDHead_144_IP_4ch
MT Lighting LEDHead_54_IP_4ch
NJD Electronics LED_IP_DMX_Bar_4ch
Osram Kreios_Par_108W_Arc_1_d
Osram Kreios_Par_144W_Arc_1_d
Osram Kreios_Par_162W_Arc_1_d
PRG Mbox_Designer_v3.6_Ambient
PRG Mbox_Designer_v3.6_Spot_Light
PRG Mbox_Studio_v3.8_Ambient
PRG Mbox_Studio_v3.8_Spot
PRG Mbox_Studio_v3.9_Ambient
PRG Mbox_Studio_v3.9_Spot
Prolights ArcLED_3404_ARC1+D
Prolights ArcLED_7361_Zoom_ARC_D
Prolights ArcLED_7513_Q_Zoom_ARC1+D
Prolights ArcLED_8107_Q_AR1.D
Prolights EVO_190_EFC_AR1.D
Prolights MOBY_40_AR1.D
Show Technology EA_6014B_Tri_Par_P
Show Technology EAP64D_P002
Showtec City_Painter_18000_ARC.1.D
Showtec Compact_Par_18_Tri_MkII_4ch
Showtec Compact_Par_7_Tri_4ch
Showtec Eventspot_1800_Q4_AR1.D
Showtec Spectral_300_Q4_A1.d
Showtec Spectral_Cyc2000_Arc_1+D
Showtec Spectral_M800_Tour_AR1.d
Silver Star Boxer_LED_Arc_1+D
Stagg Kingpar_1IP_Ar1.d
Stagg SLI_PA5_Ar1.d
Stagg SLI_PA6_Ar1.d
Starway FullKolor_Arc_1+D
Starway PixKolor_Arc_1+D​

-- table didn't display the first time I tried to paste this


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These are also alternatives that might be close:
Chauvet ColorSplash_Jr --> looks like a match to me
Lightronics FXLD336C3I_P001
Megalite EvriColor_CM5_TRGB_4ch
Megalite N_E_Color_Punch_P001
Megalite N_E_Color_Wash
Megalite Pro_Color_Cannon_Tri_Color_P
Microh LED_Slim_P12_Tri_4ch
Microh LED_Slim_P7_Tri_4ch
MT Lighting ULite_1500_4ch
MT Lighting ULite_3000_4ch
Show Technology EA_3000A_P002
Showtec LED_Wash_Ultra_Bright_RGB
Stage Ape Lighting Splasher
StairVille LED_Flex_Strip_Controller
Triangle Lights Par_18_RGB​


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Hey Man,
I was bored... so I made you a fixture profile!
See if it will work for you. I set the "flash" stuff in the first range to happen between 1% and 50%, then just brightness 51% - 100%.

See if it works out for you and let me know!


  • Mathew Canels Generic Fixture 2015-09-26 03-23-29.esf
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