ETC ION Linear Effect not running in que


We have a linear intensity effect that is attempting to be run on some ColorSource PARs. The channels are set to a level in the cue and the effect is on the selected channels. However in one of the cues, as we hit go the channels only show the level and not the effect. When we go back to look at the cue, the effect shows on the channels and runs correctly. We are in the Ion running 2.8. If seeing the effect structure or the issue live would help, I can add photos and video, but I am hoping it something simple we are missing.


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If you're running multiple cue lists or users than look for any assert cues. However, it does sound like you have hit one of the notorious cue bugs from 2.8. Upgrading to 2.8.1 fixes some of these and will likely fix your issue.

I never recommend upgrading during a show run... In the meantime you can fire the effect through a cue by having a cue execute a macro that starts the effect. And then in the cue you need it out, run either a stop effect macro, or a go to cue sneak if you want to fade the effect out.

Ex. Cue 3 execute (softkey) macro 5.

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