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Nov 2, 2006
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haha...MicroVision. My first expierence with it came many years later...where I was absolutley confused by why this predecessor of a board I held in such high esteem sucked so much raw egg.


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Mar 20, 2004
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And I quote:

"Look! I trust this man [indicating me] with my life and my reputation. Anything he wants to do concerning this lighting, you let him.”

Yup. One of those moments that solidifies all the reasons you were in, and stayed in the business.

Nice article.

Check out the timeline for whenever Cliff Taylor developed Trackmaster (hazy memory here), a DOS based program that imported/exported in ACSII as well as older ETC Vision/Micro/Expression I files.

Trackmaster had many neat tricks, better then ETC Edit in most ways, including (if memory serves) global channel changes that allowed you to move all the levels associated with a channel to another channel - very useful when expanding or compressing a show to/from consoles with different channel counts. It wasn't free, but it did things that no other software could do.

Steve B.

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