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ETC Sensor Patch bay. (touring rack)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by michael728, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. michael728

    michael728 Member

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    los angeles
    Hi I have been digging through the instruction manual and google searches but unable to find an answer to my question. Hoping someone here can help me.

    I'm using an ETC Sensor cem+ touring rack, using 2.4k per channel and 48 channels.

    So I've used this dimmer before a bunch of times but the hard patch has always been done by someone else and I've never learned how to do it.

    I have a basic understanding that the cable marked A1 normally goes into the area in the patch bay labeled 1, and the remaining receptacles can be utilized by other leads. A2 goes into 2 etcetera.

    Now here's where I need help, the back of the rack has 16 socapex connectors, I'm only using 8 of them. I want to stagger the connectors so they're easier to access. Meaning the first socapex connector feeds channels 1-6. then the second one in line would be empty (because it's easier to connect and disconnect) and the third socapex connector would feed channels 7-12 and so on until I've used 8 of the 16 available socapex connectors.

    How would I set this up in the patch bay? Do I plug the patch bay cable labeled "C1" into the receptacle labeled 7?

    Thanks for the help.


    Now that i'm thinking about it.. not everyone's patch cables or socapex may be labeled like mine is. When I use these dimmers they come labeled. The Socapex connectors on the top row are labeled A through H the patch bay cables are color coded. The six red patch bay cables are labeled, A1 through A6. (I forget the rest of the colors off the top of my head)
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  2. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    So the Socapex output panel would look like
    A x C x E x G x
    x J x L x N x P

    and the patch bay would be
    A1-6 -> 1-6
    C1-6 -> 7-12
    E1-6 -> 13-18
    G1-6 -> 19-24
    J1-6 -> 25-30
    L1-6 -> 31-36
    N1-6 -> 37-42
    P1-6 -> 43-48

    Staggering the multi outputs is very slick, and I've seen it done on big, long tours, but that's the only time I would bother. Are these going to be plugged/unplugged on a daily basis?


    Helpful hint of the day:
    Start at the bottom of the patch bay (in this case: circuit P6 into dimmer 48, P5 into 47, etc.) and work your way up the list, so that previously patch cords don't get in the way of those yet to be patched.
  3. michael728

    michael728 Member

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    los angeles

    Thank you for the reply and confirming what I was brainstorming! This installation will probably not be tampered with unless one of the socapex cables is bad for a month or two.

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