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Hey folks

One of the venues I freelance in had an ETC system installed in their mainstage and their blackbox as part of a whole building renovation about four years ago. The mainstage has a mixture of panel mounted stage pin outlets and Socco outlets, and the blackbox has ETC Smartbars.

I'm finding many of the outlets getting loose, and their set screw in the face of the outlet itself no longer tightening the unit up. This is both on the Smartbars, and on some of the panel mounted outlets. Anyone know any tricks for getting these firmed up beyond contacting ETC (the Powers That Be are already working on it, but it's a process). Anyone else seen a similar issue? Maybe there was a bad batch of outlets back then, or something was messed up on the install? Would overtightening these once damage them?

I don't feel like these are getting abused, the crews brought in for hang and focus are pretty professional, and I don't see cables being used in a way that puts undue strain on the connectors. Some of the problem outlets are even in very seldom used locations.

It really makes me appreciate the stagepin pigtails that are floating around the main space. I find them much more durable.
A pair of Channel Loc's will from the rear, re-tension the spring clip up to the point if the clip reaches the cut out hole. A trick for that not happening is to shove a few 6-32 or better yet 4-40 screws between the spring clip and the body of the panel mount on each side of it.. This will prevent going too far. While in the rear of the fixture ensure the non-terminal panel mount plastic screws are tight. They probably are but a good thing to check.

Following that, replacement of the panel mounts probably won't solve that - the metal of the plate they dig into is probably gouged. I have in the past had lazer cut rectangular washers for this purpose, or re-built my front plates out of 14ga steel.
This is exactly the kind of advice what I was hoping for! I'll see if the Powers That Be will let me do a little exploratory surgery at some point.

Hmm, we actually have a CNC plasma cutter at a metal shop I work at occasionally. Maybe I'll get them to zip out some square washers, if that would solve this issue.

And the other thing is that you will contribute and pass on - good or bad in also learning as the concept. Ask what ever you want to all, pass on to others. You are the vibrant members of the forum to sustain it. No questions are stupid, or thoughts on others with problems not respected.

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