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I was wondering whether ETC made wings for its boards. I'm finding that the 24 submasters is becoming too restrictive in many of the concerts that happen at my school. I know that there are 16 pages of submasters, but when you change pages, the settings from the previous page are cleared out (all subs are set to zero). We have Emphasis and WYSIWIG, so if there is a way to avoid this problem using the software, then please let me know.

But, returning to the wings, I've seen that Martin makes them for the Maxxys, and Flying Pig makes them for the Wholehog III. Do such things exist for ETC boards? Mine's an Express 250, with Emphasis. Thanks for any help you can give me.
If the sub is up it will carry over to the next page. So you can keep your frequently used subs on one through 4 or 5 and never bring them below one percent and then you should be able to control them form differnt pages. If you need that many subs cues might be an option instead of building looks on the flys make ones that you know will be used into cues. blue cyc red top blue side and front cue one. before it will be used bring the a/b fader down go to that cue and then bring it up.

I checked ECTs web site and they do not mention any wings.
So, even if there was something else controlled by that same sub in the next page, the settings from the previous page would carry over?

I was wondering whether it would be possible to have more Submasters in Emphasis. Digital ones that aren't on the board, just on the computer. Is that possible? Or, could I somehow trick the computer software into thinking that my board is an Insight 3, with 108 Submasters? That would solve the problem.
I believe techieman 33 is confusing the 48/96 with a 24/48. The larger (48/96 & 72/144) consoles cannot set the lower row of channel faders as submasters. Too bad actually.

ETC does not make sub wings.

Emphasis does not allow additional virtual subs (that I'm aware of), but Emphasis or not, a virtual sub might as well be a group.

Emphasis does allow subs to run multiiple cue subroutines (something not possible prior), which is a very useful addition as a subroutine is basically an easier way to write an effect. Thus you can essentially run multiple effects, with bump button and fade in/outs.


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