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Excited about finding this site HOG IPC?

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by djkermie, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. djkermie

    djkermie Member

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    Desert Hot Springs, CA
    I was wondering if there are communitys of users for specific consoles , IE HOG IPC??? and I am a beginning programer and need some basics about ideas on Color choice. Ive been told my looks are too " Dark " at times and i think i need help on what colors are best for what songs im lighting ETC.. so a beginner lighting design video/ trainning.. information????
  2. lieperjp

    lieperjp Well-Known Member

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    Central Wisconsin
    While I don't know if there is a forum for HOG PC, (though there probably is), to answer your second question:

    If you want to learn lighting design, here are some hints:

    1. Stick around here and read the lighting forum vivaciously. You'll learn a lot in a short period of time.
    2. If you're at a college or a university, check out any books they may have on the subject. Look into Inter-library loan. Public libraries do ILL as well, but the college/university library generally will be able to get it for you as public libraries have limited funds to sign up for ILL services.
    3. Book/DVD list - check out this (rather messy) Collaborative Article:
    4. Subscribe to as many Industry Periodicals as you can. Click on that link and you'll find almost all of them are free.
    5. The biggest tip: Don't be afraid to experiment with new design styles. Keep it safe, obviously. But don't just stick with the same type of design every time. If you have the ability, start a design with plenty of headroom in the schedule so that if something doesn't work, you can change it.
  3. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    djkermie, welcome. You asked a two-part question, so here's a two-part (3-part) answer.
    1. High End Systems has a User's Fourm for the Wholehog3 family of consoles at Wholehog 3 General Discussion - High End Systems Discussion Forums. This is not a design forum, but rather an operation, programming, and hardware/software forum.

    2. As for design, [user]lieperjp[/user]'s post makes good recommendations. Enter the word "color" into our search box for various threads. While it may sound elementary, Slow songs=blue, congo; Fast songs=white, pink has worked for decades, back to and including the times (this morning, for some) when all we had was a followspot and borderlights of red, white, and blue.

    3. See these wiki entries:

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