Express 48/96 to Horizon PC-based system


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I'm going to be running a skit that I've written cues for on our light board at another school in next week, and unfortunately they have completely different hardware for lights. I'd like to know if its at all possible to import our lighting cues into their system (I know that they will have to be rewritten to some degree, but I would like a nice starting base). We have an ETC Express 48/96, and they have a Horizon system (not sure what version, I didn't get to play with it today). Does anyone know if this is possible?

That's the quick answer. The longer version is that while the Express cue data can be converted into the USITT ASCII format - by using ETC's free - Expression Off-Line software, the Horizon never supported ASCII.

That'swhat I remember from the last time I checked, which is a few years back. Best check with Rosco to determine if the latest Horizon accepts USITT ASCII


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