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How would you go about programming a macro to turn a light on for a while then off for a while, continually until stopped by a cue in an ETC Express 48/96 console? It is to control a S4 with a twinspinII that is mounted like a FS in the booth. It is supposed to look like mice for during preshow. The play is Pied Piper, but corned up for use as a children's play. It is to be the closest thing to an intel we've got! :oops:
Why wouldn't you consider using an effect to turn the lamp on and off?

Ron Hebbard
I want to be able to put it on a submaster that I can have up while I am able to manually operate the s4 like a FS and down If I have to leave the booth. Would it work to do it that way? I am programming on EOL and don't have a manual.

Pardon me for dating my self but I'd like to suggest something I used to do with a Strand LP90 that I suspect may be applicable.

I would periodically utilize a one step effect.
The total of the ramp in, dwell and ramp out times would be less than the step time.
This was useful for exactly the type of thing the original poster was describing.
The channel would ramp on, remain on and ramp out staying out until the effect once again repeated the single step effect.

I'm not sure about the Express series specifically but I know this was workable with the Obsessions.

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Ron Hebbard

As to running the effect on a submaster, at least two options;

Either have the effect continuously running on a submaster and fade it in or out as required
Leave the effect running continuously and use an inhibitve submaster to force it out when not required.

There are many, many, many, great uses for inhibitive subs; if you're not using them much, expand your horizons ...
uh ... Sorry! Horizon is a different controller altogether.

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Ron Hebbard
You can put it on a submaster easily... just make it an effect. If you want, if you tell me exactly what you want the cue to do and timeing, I can give you a step list and key command on how to program it into the console.
That would be great! I forgot everything from the manual, I read it a long time ago. I just need it to be one channel up for probably one minute and out for maybe five minutes, repeating. This is so not to be too distracting, while also not letting the light heat up, since I don't have the FS handle.
Alright, let me see if I can get this right:

1. Press [BLIND] [1] [TYPE]
2. Press [3]

That will get you into the effect menu

Now what you want to do is create the steps:

1. Press [S1] then enter the step #. Since this is the first one press [1]
2. Press [CHAN] then press the # for the channel you want.
3. Press [S8] [AT] enter disired intesity.
4. Press [RECORD] [ENTER]

Once you have all your steps in, now to set your effect times:

I just went blank... ok I'll get back to you once I go and program it.
Had some time on my hands and the Off Line Editor so I took care of it:

Press the following exactly:


Whatever Channel Number You want

[Right arrow]

#### The above represents the 1:00 Minute the channel will stay on


The same channel number you entered before

[Right Arrow]

#### The above represents the 5:00 Minutes the channel will stay off


Whatever Sub Number you want


OK now to run the effect either bring the sub up or hit the bump button below the fader.

Thanks man for taking care of that. I have been wraped up in school and programming a Hog II for a church. I have not had time to get on the ETC. So thanks for finishing that for me. :D
Yes, there is an offline. It's called Hog PC and it directly related to the Wholehog II. I am acually going for Hog training this week so I can officially say that I know the Hog. The link for the download for Hog PC is the following: scroll down on the page and you will see Hog PC.

I personally hate offlines when it comes to moving light desks cause I can do things so much faster on the console then it would take me on the offline. It seems once you know the desk, the offlines become more of a pain then it would to acually site down at the desk. But don't get me wrong, it's a great learning tool especially if you dont have access to the desks but want to have a general idea of what it's like to work with the desk.

If you want to know of more offlines, then let me know. I probably could even start a post on moving light consoles and some information about them.
u could create abunch of cues for the light to turn on and of at times. just have them following each other. then wile that is going on you could use the "c d" silders for the other cues you may want to do inbetween.
Show's over... I figured out how to make an effect sub, vorked great! :wink: Thanks for the ideas, everyone!
Sorry that I got side tracked... I'm working on one too many projects at the same time. I have been slacking lately and I apologize to all.

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