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    Hey All,

    I have a show coming up which has actors playing police officers talking into their radios. I would like to send a signal of "radio banter" to their biscuit as a practical sound effect and figured I would see if anybody here had any advice on getting an "external input" fed from an aux on our console into them. Our radios use the Kenwood 2-pin connector.

    My initial thoughts would involve using something like this to get it into a more manageable connector..

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    Yes, that could be used by chopping the female connector off and splicing to the wires. Here's a pinout

    You'll need to give the mic input of the radio unbalanced, mic level. From a console output XLR, use pin 2 for signal and 1 for ground. From a console output TRS, use tip for signal and sleeve for ground. Connect that to an L pad to attenuate the level.

    Try -20 dB of attenuation to start with, with R1=1K and shunt R2 = 100 ohms. If the send from the console is too hot, attenuate more. The output of the pad goes to the ring of the 3.5 mm, and the ground (common) to the sleeve of the 2.5 mm.
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