extreme feedback


Let's just imagine for a moment, that a not to be named techie did something to cause massive feedback. "Holy !@#$, what just happened" feedback. How long would it take for this feedback to break something, and what would the breakage sound like? Hypothetically speaking of course. :wink:
Feeback breaking something depends on the proximity, duration, frequency and power. Normal feedback I have seen happen so loudly but never blow a thing...and other times I have seen stupid clueless musicians too busy tryin to look like a rockstar knock a mic stand directly so it falls right into the monitor--and the feedback is intense but very short lived--about 1 second before the drivers blow. Then they scratch their head wondering what did they do wrong and why its their fault the band has no more stage monitors.... "How could I be responsible--I looked SOO COOOL MAAAAN....whadda ya mean the drivers cost $200 each and there are 6 of them...I don't make that much money in a YEAR maaan....".

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