extreme make-up


can you give me information on extreme make-up, it doesnt matter what kind of info. but i need some for a project.
Extreme Make-UP, hmm, think I got a “B” in that required class in which I had to shave for, yet still by your question, I don’t know what the heck you are talking about. Do we talk about extreme in making people into cats or monkeys, or “Blue Men”, is it some Been Nye question, or are we talking about something UV-Lighting type effect? Exactually what are you asking for, might prove a much better answer, because in all seriousness I - possibly amongst others have no idea of what you mean by extreme given your special project. Sorry. Though you might not be best served by a two page example such as I am at least prone to, some explanation beyond topic heading might be useful. Don’t get scared off, just refine your question. This is about as much bite as we do so please ask again - welcome to the forum by the way chewy.
Well, if you say the type of extreme make-up, then i can help you. we have changed men to women, men to donkies, men about to die, bloody people, and made 12 dead men. it just depends on what your deff. of dead people is
Hey chewy,
I will concur with the rest, I could help you out if I knew what you were talking about. I was Ariel in "The Tempest" so I would have to say in my mind that was "extreme make-up" but then again are you adding in prosthetics or were you perhaps speaking of a different angle.
and if you are confused yourself.....Google "theatre make-up" and click on "pictures" there is some fun stuff there.

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