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Working on a backlit unit which will basically be a series of 3 foot blocks made out of 1x4. There will be 80 of these blocks on this unit which will basically be a cyc replacement. In the past, I have had good luck with cellophane on a much smaller scale



I am thinking this might be easier with fabric. Thoughts? Can anyone suggest a fabric (like at Rose Brand) which will give me a fair amount of saturation but will still spread the light fairly evenly?
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For a real cheap version you could try vinyl drop cloth. There is a kind sold at both Lowes and HD that is opaque and has a slight texture. We've used this a few times and does very well at back lighting.

Is an example of it in use (under the SR and SL platforms). This instance used very old light bar fixtures positioned a little too close. Further back you get and better fixtures (Source 4s with basic scrollers work well, LEDs even better) and the saturation gets way better.


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My favorite material for this is Coroplast (corrugated plastic). It's what political yards signs and tons of other stuff is made of. 4 mil natural diffuses backlight very well. You can get it from a plastic supplier for ~$15 / 4x8 sheet.

Here it is in action on The Magnificent Module, one of my rental sets for corporate production.

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