facial shadows


Recently I installed several ellipsoidals to illuminate the stage in our church and I mounted them at the standard 45 degree angle from the floor and 90 degrees apart. The lighting is fine when our pastor is looking at the congregation but when he refers to his notes which is quite often he of course lowers his head and most of his face is in shadows. Moving the ellipsoidals to lessen the angle would be difficult because of our ceiling but what if I mounted some smaller lights on stage in front of him shining up with just enough intensity to elliminate the shadows. Has anyone experinced such a situation? Tom
Perhaps add a small fluorescent light fixture to the podium and match the color temperature of the lamp to that of the Leko's. Not something that's going to overwhelm, just bolster the light output from that direction.

Perhaps something like a 9" T-5, 6 Watt fluorescent lamp fixture. 3,000K, 240 lumens. Not so much that it's going to overpower, just enough that it's going to supplement in a broad wash of light.

There are other options such as LED's and halogen fixtures but this is no doubt easiest if possible to wire it in and install it.
maybe a leko from the front that's at less of an angle than the others you just mounted? As you mentioned though, this might be difficult because of the building's construction..

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