Faded edges of projections


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In our recent mounting of Calendar Girls, I had to make some projections of clouds and sunflowers. To look right on the set, I needed the left and top edges to soften to black while the right and bottom were a sharp line. I struggled with the photo software tools I had and had some results with one edge, but not two. Being a programmer as well as TD, I figured I could make a tool to do whatever edge(s) I wanted. You may download "Edge Tool" for free from my web site. Starting with a .bmp or .jpg, you may select which edges you need to be softened and by how much. The start and end colors of the fade are also selectable. The defaults are what I found pleasing - pick yours. You'll find "Final.bmp" in the directory of your original picture. There is no install, just the main program. It will add a .ini file to save your choices. Feel free to use as needed!


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What a kind gesture. Many thanks.

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