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I'm using a Strand 300 series lighting board and it has 3 panels of faders but only one of them is active. I can't seem to figure out how to get the other 2 panels to work, so i can program lights onto them. any help would be appreciated.


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I'm not sure how much you know, so I thought I'd ask:

What color LED is above the working faders? Yellow/Green/Red?

The yellow ones should basically always be active/lit. If its the red / green not coming up, have you tried bring the A/B masters up? On the control panel, there are 4 main faders there. The two on the left are A/B masters, the two on the right are for timing. Note the two on the left go something like A:10-0 B:0-10.

Hope that helps and isn't more confusing or wrong.


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This could be a "duh" moment, but, are all the fader wings plugged in? They should all be linked together with Cat5 cable.


The panel with the working faders have a yellow light above them but the LED above the 2 panels are red. the red faders will not let anything be programmed to them. I can't figure out how to change this.


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Do a hard reset and change all the linking cables.


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the faders on the top panel with a red LED are actually the channel faders. if you patch a lamp to channel one, eg. [email protected]* this will then appear on the first fader (upper left side).

if you have lamps patched, ensure they are channels 1>48 or they will not work, also above the A/B faders there is two smaller ones that have numbers and a threshold symbol at the bottom. this faders must be at the top or your lamps will fade in over like 6 hours.

also if you push the button above the A/B masters i think it says mode, in the lcd screen it will have a number of options, push the flash key under 1 Scene 24 Sub.

you can not record to the faders at the top, only the 24 subs next to the control panel. you can get an unlock code from strand (I think you have to pay for it) which turns the whole desk into a sub desk ie. 96 subs and no channel faders.

hope this helps, pm if you have more questions id be happy to help.


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was just reading the thread again, i noticed charcoaldabs said the yellow ones should always be lit.

the yellow faders will only be lit when you have recorded something to that submaster.

Yellow= Subs (recorded)
Red= Channels when in 1 scene preset mode
Green= channels when in 2 scene preset (top red bottom green).

if you are in 1 scene preset mode all the channel faders on top wings will be red regardless of weather they are patched to an output or not.
if you are in 2 scene preset mode the top will always be red and bottom always green.

i was just thining you may also not have a GM assigned which means you wont be able to run up channels.
if you push the sub key under one of them it should say it is the GM in the far right column. if not that is another issue all togther.

if you push the groups button and scroll to the bottom there will be a group that says Grand Master
if u go to live mode and type 'Group [email protected] ON*' this will reset the GM, subsitute 998.1 for whatever your desk says the GM group is.

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