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Discussion in 'Special Effects' started by derekleffew, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Things I never knew until today:
    During the poppies scene in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the snow is asbestos. Apparently, this was common practice at the time.

    Other things I learned from Buzzfeed:
    Reaction to aluminum powder used in Buddy Ebsen's tinman makeup caused him to drop out of the movie. Margaret Hamilton's green makeup was so toxic she had to drink a liquid diet from a straw.
    But for "a horse of different color," several flavors of powdered Jell-O were used. Jell-O comes from gelatin, which comes from among other places, horses hooves. And the horse kept licking it off between takes.
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    Ah, the simpler times. Everybody is so PC and eco nazis, why can't we just go back to the good ole days and care less about poisoning everybody and toxicity of things. /sarcasm
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    It was also used in houses as a fake snow blanket for under your Christmas tree. Imagine the kiddies all rolling around in Pure white asbestos unwrapping their presents on Christmas day..... 5559943676_ce996038cd_b.jpg
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