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A construction worked died yesterday, most likely due to carelessness.
The first line of the article states "An iron worker plunged to his death at Project CityCenter on Friday, a day after he had taken a safety class on the prevention of falls, an MGM Mirage spokeswoman said."

Everyone, please take proper precautions when working at height. Know the OSHA regulations and abide by them. When a stuntman fell on a show I was working, the Security Dept. demanded they had to confiscate the rope. I said "You want the rope that he DID NOT clip into?" They said "Yes." So I gave it to them, and they never returned it. I had a backup rope, and after the incident, two people were assigned to watch to make sure the stuntman clipped in before he jumped.

Know how to work with electrical and other sources of power safely. Lock-out/Tag-out is for your protection.

Finally, know where all the fire hoses, pull stations, and most importantly, Fire Exits are located in your building. NEVER block them, even if you don't have enough storage space.


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In the article Derek linked to, Clark county fire Department spokesmen Scott Allison is quoted as ... calling it one of the safest construction sites in the county. "Four fatalities is sad, but considering ... the number of people working there and the size of the project, that's not really all that bad,"

. Safest construction site in the country? Four dead is "not really all that bad"?!?!?!

I also like the part where two of the deaths were due to serious safety violations... but the fine was eventually reduced to $7,000.

What's going on down there Derek?


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Ok this is bad, i had not heard anything about this death at all, and what makes that bad is my family is news oriented, i volunteer/work at the local radio news station and my dad run two of the local tv news station.

I am going to talk to a few people, i would like to really know what is happening on all of the "safe" construction sites

I agree with derek, everyone should know OSHA regulations and abide by them, and that is a problem i am having as my theatre. i am about to start the production week, and a safety meeting in truly in order before it starts

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