Favorite Books for lighting info


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Hey folks,

It occured to me that with the depth and breadth of knowledge represented here, we could do a bit 'o' educatin' by suggesting our favorite lighting texts.

A Few of my favs:
Focus on Lighting Technology, by Rich Cadena
The Automated Programmers Handbook, by Brad Schiller
Designing With Light, (an actual textbook) by J. Michael Gillette

Cadena's book gives easily understood and digestable explanations of interesting (to me, anyway) topics like stepper motors, switching power supplies, DMX, etc. It's a suprisingly fun and easy read.
It was born out of his "Focus on lighting technology" articles in PLSN.

Ok, who's next?

C'mon let's hear from all the Old-Timer's and Young'uns alike.


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We really need someone to go through the book posts and make an entry in the Wiki. Same goes for the favorite website link posts.


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