Favorite Gels for Rock Show/Church??

I am polling everyone about what color gels are your favorites for a small club rock scene, as well as church. Our church is in a building once used as a grocery store. As you can see from the pics, we did our best to make it look good. We use mainly rock music in our services. Let me know what you think about the lighting, and any criticism is accepted!!

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There was a thread about favorite gel colors recently.

However, I'm always glad to make reccomendations:
R95 (do a split of R39 and R95 on a drum kit that has alot of shiny hardware - looks sweet!)
Double cut of R15 (something about two cuts of R15 just looks right to me)
R74 for blue
R26 or R27, depending on the saturation of red that you want.

R02, R03, R05, R08, and R60 for low saturation colors, depending on the quality of frontlight that you want.


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I do a lot of large rock club shows, as a house tech but also as an ld with different bands. My house rig pars are: L106, L195, L126, L201. The L126 gets swapped with R2008 or L101 depending on the show.
Most of the touring acts we get that come through don't seem to have a problem with the colors, someone has yet to ask.
Thanks for the info!! Did you get a chance to check out my lighting pics??? Ive only been doing this for 4 months, so any knowledge or critique i can get is greatly appreciated.


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For rear and side, deep!
119 blue, 139 green, 126 Mauve
27 Red, 22 Amber, 58 Lav

For front:
102 Amber, 105 Amber (orange), 118 blue

Those FOH colors blend well to white, but allow mood latitude.


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Thanks for the info!! Did you get a chance to check out my lighting pics??? Ive only been doing this for 4 months, so any knowledge or critique i can get is greatly appreciated.
I saw some of your pictures, I think you're doing some really cool interesting things with the drop behind the drumset, but maybe try and use some more power in your backlighting, mix some more color into your front lights.
For stage lighting I've used the rule of 2x the amount of light needs to come from backlight for it to really read through the front light. Whether that's using lighter gels (I know I just said use more color), or 2x the power, I think it could help.

Also, if you have the lights, try going to a stanley mccandless model with rocklight colors, check out the LEE website for gel preset colors for ideas.

I understand that you have your hangable space right on top of your stage, but instead of contrast of front v back, you have a color mixing going on because of the similarity of the angles.

This was all I could see from the slideshow, I'm only a starter myself so feel free to disregard, but I think you are doing a really good job for only 4 months in, and that you know what looks good and what doesn't. Also, posting the pictures (the slideshow was killing me) could help. Feel free to hit me up on aim if you want to talk more one on one.

Example1: in this gorgeous picture of me from this summer (stupid sweet charity...:rolleyes:) this green color is coming from like a back/side and the orange is coming from the opposite front/diag, and I think it looks pretty...well creepy, but it demonstrates pretty well what back diags can do for contrast and dynamics.

the second example (with the slow motion refraction on the lens :rolleyes:) is a much closer to what 2 opposing back diags can look like, it also spills the light down the chest on either side and sculpts the figure pretty well.


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