Favorite Multi-tool Brand

Favorite BRAND of multi-tool

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A few years out of undergrad, woo that was a while ago, I lost my multi tool as most people do at some point. At that time I decided to just buy a pelican case and put all my tools in it. At which point instead of using a multi tool I just had a case full of the tools I would actually need. I would always lose multi tools, never lost my pelican and the tools inside it.

Anyone else besides me ever abandoned the multi tool and go the rolling pelican case full of tools route?
I've used Jensen tool boxes with pallets for over 30 years. I like the organization of the pallets because I can see if a tool is missing at a glance. My current one has wheels and a telescoping handle. It's hard to carry enough tools and still keep the weight down.
@ship which pen is it that you use?

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