Favourite Martin Mac fixture


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I was reccently offered the chance to test a MAC 700 fixture for free, and I was wondering what your favourite MAC fixture was? As someone who hasnt ever actually programmed MAC lights, I have no experience with them, but, hopefully I will soon have a chance to play with a couple, and was wondering what ones would be the best to play with...
The only two MACs I have seen, are the 2000 (i think it was the profile) and the 700, which looks pretty cool from the brochure.

Thanks for your views

pick a favorite? I'm not sure which I would choose, I mean each one in the line has its uses. For the one talent show I managed to get a pair of movers for they were 550's which were nice because they did a lot, worked on normal power and were fairly cheap as far as movers go. But I like the 700's because they have color mixing, and are still farly light and not as expensive as the mac2ks...
I like the features on the 700, but really, the main fixtures to come in and out of the shop all the time are MAC 500, and MAC 600.
Love to death the Mac 700's, worked perfect for everything I needed (though I never could get that gobo animation to work...)
12 grand for a moving light is a bit much in MHO but then again im not buying them. But i perfer a MAC 2k but as said before they all have there own purpouse. A Mac 250 might do the job so why spend the extra 200 bucks a day. If your getting it for free go for it. It is identical to programing anyother moving head. It just has its own quirks, The gobos like all of the martin line are a bit strange though. If you like intresting and a wide varitey of Gobo's go with vari lite.


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