Fidgety Lightronics Dimmers


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So...I've got a dance concert at my HS to light NEXT WEEKEND.

Our dimmers have been known for their lack of reliabililty, but they had recently become stable. They are older lightronics dimmer packs, rackmount, 8 channels each (4 of them, 32 channels), breakers on each channel. They aren't a current model, and I couldn't find the manual on the lightronics website. I've got only one that works right now out of four, and my design requires 3. I could limit my design to 8 dimmers, but that would mean no cyc lights, no top color wash, half FOH, no specials, and just a no-gel top wash. So I really need those dimmers back.

Rental is not an option, as our system is a hardwired, hardpatch system that is permenantly installed using terminal blocks to connect everything together.

One of them crashed just without warning, and then the next one crashed when I restarted the rack (with the main power switch.

Then, I turned off the whole rack and let it sit overnight, and today the two that died yesterday still won't turn on.

They are controlled by LMX protocol on a Lightronics TL3256 controller.

The dimmers won't turn on even if there are no lights patched in to them and all of the breakers for the individual circuits are turned off.

The LCD interface on the front has (in this order) an up arrow key, a down arrow key, a menu key, and a select key.

All of the circuit breakers are aligned vertically, side-by-side.

Anyone know how to get these things working again, or do I need to call stageworks and try to get them in on monday.

Replacing them is not an option as we have little to no money available as of now.

I Highly Recommend you take your problem to the LightNetwork!

One way to resolve this situation would be to simply approach whoever is in charge of this event and explain why you can't do it with what you have, chances are if they can't do anything about your situation they are in a place to talk to somebody who can.

As for the manual, I'll do some searching if you post the model number.
The unit doesn't even turn on.

There are no fuse sockets that I can recall on the dimmers, especially not one per circuit. It's just circuitbreakers.

The person in charge can't do anything. She's a first-year dance teacher.

The only person would be the drama teacher, and the only person that she can call is Stageworks Lighting, and who knows when their one and only certified repair tech can get out to our school.

I looked at both of those manuals for about a half an hour, to no avail.
all of the units are connected to the same power source. this means, if one of them is working (which it is), all of the others are. i checked thier power connections, and they're good. the reason that i don't suspect fuses is that the units have been going on and off since the semester started (every month or two).
From what you have said already it seems (unfortunately) to me that they are probably complete toast or close to it.

You might try giving Vision2 Marketing in Nashville a call on monday.

Vision 2 Marketing
2718 Landers Ave.
Nashville, TN 37211
Toll Free 866-828-0662
Toll Free Fax 888-828-0662
that's what i'm thinking and was afraid of.

since these things are far from under warranty, as there is no documentation of their purchase available, i'll probably get the local lighting company (stageworks) to try to repair them before we replace them, as replacing them would cost a whole lot of money that we don't have right now.
It might be a good idea to look into getting a grant.
All thru the message of gear that is not dependable, I'm looking for mention of the last time they had a professional service call.

I'm thinking that before you do anything, you should have Stageworks - local to you, or who they recommend come out and at very least provide an analysis on site of them. Than either provide a service call so they are dependable or recommend other options if they cannot be economically made dependable.

Always funny how not dependable often does not equate with equipment that is maintained. Get the service call done no matter the budget, than have a better idea of where you are at.

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