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so, I picked up some new car speakers for myself today, they fit in the same screw holes at the factory installed ones the only issue is that the originals had a plate on them which covered some space, the new speakers do not have that so there is a gap between them and the panel. With my basic sound knowledge I would assume this void drastically hurts the output of the speakers as the pressure pushed forward just goes back behind the speaker, or would this gap have a minimal effect? What would be a good way to fill it without damaging the speakers and not looking horrible. ( A simple and cheap solution would be ideal)
MSPaint art attached to explain better.


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just cut out a square out of 1/4" pile wood thats larger then the opening and then cut the appropriate circle for the new speaker and then mount that assembly in. when i helped my friend isntall his speakers he bought some foam baffles that went around the speakers.


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"Frost King" < brand name> Foam tape, used for weather stripping around doors. It's got a peel off backing with you could attach either to the back of the speaker or the mounting surface.

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