Firework Sound Effects Needed


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My school is doing you can't take it with you and for part of that I'm looking for a good quality Sound FX of fireworks that hopefully we will time the lights too. I can't find anything in the disks that we have though so I was wondering if anyone here that is a sound person might have some on their computer. If you do please leave a comment and I'll PM you my e-mail.


I dont have any, but if i was needing them i would go out and buy some fireworks, mic them and blow them up. so the mics get the sound recorded.
Thats and interesting idea and we were thinking of doing that for other sound effects and have in the past. The only problem with it hear is that we need alot of big fireworks going off for only a few seconds but need at least 6 of them. Plus I'm pretty sure its illegal to use that kind in my state.

Fireworks are illegal in MA!! Just go online and do a sound search on something such as google or yahoo.
Yeah ... sounds like a good road trip idea though. Get all the techs, head up to NH or something and have one hell of a wild party lol ... alright ... back to the actual topic ... I'm still looking for someone who has some sound FX that fit this.

Go to - type in a search for fireworks - they have over 400 there to choose from - everything from single blasts to multi-blast displays. You can preview them before you purchase (not that expensive) - great way to custom design effects for shows. Be aware though - the previews are somewhat digitally altered and sound really funky if by chance someone should decide just to use the preview instead of paying for the actual 16-bit file. These people offer a great service and I am happily willing to pay a couple bucks to get what I want instead of paying $150 for a CD compilation set for effects that I probably will never use.

Thats really cool. I did a search and found alot of good stuff that I could use. However I'm looking right now on a mac and it doesn't like something about the site so it wasn't opening for me. I'll have to try later when I get home and see if I can do it. I might just get the one explosion and then I can piece it together so it sounds just the way I want it to so that the lights can be timed correctly.

Good - hope you can find something useful. It has never failed for me - in fact I am playing in there right now looking for farts and deer grunts for Escanaba In Da Moonlight. There are 250 different farts to pick from 8O Man, I'm in heaven :D Aside from all the fun it is to custom design, the great thing about it is that once you choose the ones you want and order them, they will be sitting in your e-mail within 30 seconds ready to burn to a CD. One night during a rehersal we decided during the first act to add a cue in the second. I zipped down to my office during the 15 minute break between acts, found what I was looking for in 5 minutes, had it burned to a CD and was back within plenty of time to start act 2. So for my money, you can't beat either end of that deal.
The acting class did "You Can't Take it With You" last year. We recorded the sounds ourself. Fireworks are a banned in PA but I have connections. (Me, about 10 of my friends, and most of my family are members of the Fire Dept. Also I'm dating the Police Chief's daughter)

I'm a little bit of a Pyro. I make my own fireworks and shells. So We just recorded those.

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