First data management products in NETRON Integration Series now available

Obsidian Control Systems introduces a comprehensive range of data distribution products under the industry-leading NETRON series, tailored for system integrators and fixed installations. These smartly designed products prioritize reliability and performance, and like all NETRON products excel in the management of complex networked lighting systems. The NETRON Integration Series has been created to integrate flawlessly with the ONYX lighting control platform yet is compatible with all other manufacturers’ lighting control systems, making it a universal solution for a multitude of setups.

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The initial products in the series are available now, with more solutions set to debut soon:

NETRON EP1: This compact device functions as an Ethernet to DMX gateway, featuring a single RDM-compatible port. Designed for effortless integration into single-gang wall mounts, trusses, or standalone setups, it offers configurability via an integrated OLED display and encoder, or via internal web remote access. With its internal network switch, the EP1 efficiently manages incoming network traffic, making it suitable for distributing sACN and Art-Net traffic throughout any type of facility or across different stage locations, from floor pockets to lighting pipes and trusses.

NETRON EN12i: This powerful high-density Art-Net and sACN to DMX gateway boasts twelve RDM compatible wire terminal or RJ45 outputs. It offers easy configuration through integrated presets and advanced merge and routing features, making it ideal for permanent installations requiring numerous physical DMX ports. Analog contact closures or the optional BS10 Button Station allow for recall of presets, routings, mergers or any of the internal cues. The innovate wiring configurations allow the NETRON EN12i to be configured with RJ45, screw-terminals or IDC (Insulation displacement connectors). All options are included through exchangeable backplates. Additionally, the EN12i provides two convenient front access ports to the internal gigabit switch and a single 5pin DMX output.

NETRON WP1DO / WPIDO-EU: Featuring a 5-pin DMX Output connector within a Decora insert plate for a sleek installation, this device offers integration flexibility with various DMX options for seamless integration into any DMX infrastructure.

NETRON WP1CAT6 / WP1CAT6-EU: Simplifying integration into Ethernet or DMX setups, this device offers a CAT6A compliant locking RJ45 connector within a Decora insert plate for a tidy and efficient installation process.

NETRON PCB5P: Providing a standard D-Size DMX Output connector on a small PCB, this device offers flexibility with different DMX input options for system integration. Useful for custom wall plates or other custom integration, it is ideally suited to work with the NETRON NET Plate which provides 14 pre-machined positions.

NETRON PCBCAT6: The PCBCAT6 presents a standard D-Size locking CAT6A RJ45 output connector on a compact PCB, catering to custom integration needs and compatible with the NETRON NET Plate for expanded capabilities.

Stay tuned for more additions to the NETRON Integration Series, including the RDM6D (6-port RDM Splitter), EN6D (6-port EtherDMX Node), EN12 BS10 Button Station, and DA2410V, a compact Ethernet or DMX gateway featuring 24x 0-10V analog outputs.

The new NETRON Integration Series works seamlessly with the NETRON CLU, an easy-to-navigate central utility interface useful in discovering and managing NETRON data distribution devices across a lighting network. Especially helpful when deploying networks that use multiple nodes, or when working with nodes that lack integrated screens, the NETRON CLU makes NETRON data signal devices even easier to configure, eliminating the need to physically access the devices themselves.

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