First Try at Recording...


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I play drums for a local band and we recorded our first song. One of my friends as TONS of old sound crap in his basement. We used and old reel-to-reel he bought at a yard sale. Any coments would be great.

Ps. This was our first time doing this.
Maybe it's just my headphones but I didn't hear a bass drum at all. :?
Yeah, no kick here either. Too many stereo effects. And you really need a vocalist.
And something seems a little off with the keyboard, though I can't put my finger exactly on it.
sounds pretty good! I think you are good w/o vocals if that's your goal....lots of bands are totally instrumental. Keep in mind live shows: with no vocalist, you have to have AWESOME stage presence, or be TOTALLY mind blowing for people to love you. :)

and, I think your keys are off somehow. He changes notes at the right time, but the "modulation" (for lack of a better term) in some places is out of time with the song, and overall it'd be better without themin there at all, right now. If you get it modulating with the beat and work a little on the mix (keys kinda came it suddenly and loudly) it would work just fine though.

Sounds pretty good for a first recording!!
not bad....the drums could have a better sound but everything else was ok.

thats my friends band, they have a another local band that recorded them for free. they have a little shack for recording then i belive they mixed it with cool edit pro. the bass drum is too loud on those but its a good quailty.
We have a vocalist. Just not on that song. If you want to here a song with vocals, we covered "Saturday Night" by "The Misfits". It's on our Myspace.

As far as the kick. I the mic we were using isn't the bst and I think it broke. So all you're hearing is a little of what the other mic's picked up. I don't know what's up with the key's.

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