Fixture Identification


We recently saw a production at a community theater and they used these as footlights. Very bright and washed the whole (large) stage in color. To me they look like some under cabinet lighting that attaches to each other but I've searched for hours and can't find anything. I'm trying to get in contact with someone at the theater but figured I'd try here too.

Any leads would be great.

Those appear to have 12 elements and an optional opaque diffuses snapped over the top. Mine are 18 element, no diffuser, so no help here but there are very good, except this one which no worky.

Given it says 50mA on the legend, could it be some sort of current loop carrying serial data? ISTR they were popular in the late 70's, maybe into the 80's - often used to carry serial data to terminals?

Forget that - looks like three channels of analogue in per connector and 1 channel of power out to the analogue desk.

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