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I have a million and a half PAR38 150W bulbs will no fixtures for them. I need some VERY INEXPENSIVE fixture reccomendations for these. I know that there are a large number of inexpensive PAR38 fixtures, but which ones work well? Also, are there any other types of fixtures that I haven't thought about yet? I pulled these out of the decaying striplights in our booth that have been sitting in a pile for ever, and are ALL wired with asbestos (not to be discussed here, this has already been taken care of), but I don't need any new striplights. I already have the twistlock plugs to switch out for the edisons if the lights come with edisons. I am currently looking at these:

PAR38's #1


PAR38's #2
Most Par cans will adiquately handle a 150w lamp and for the most part it won't matter the brand. You still get what you pay for but cheap in this lamp type is not normally bad.

Your problem will come in getting replacement lamps for them - no longer sold, too inefficient. Save about 50% of them for spares if you plan to use them otherwise if the best you can do is say a 100w halogen to match the 150w incandescent, it won't very well.

Another option is to go with track lighting fixtures and either do the pipe clamp to track light adaptor, or remove and re-wire that track light fitting and use the track light fixture for a stage lighting fixture. Can be done and is fairly easy to do granted you will have to do a little creative work in doing so.
It would do but there is lots of other fixtures on the market that are a bit less expensive such as from Kupo and or American DJ.

The fixture you mention looks really nice and high tech on the other hand.

Otherwise there is always the rugged stage designed par fixtures from places like Altman and L&E amongst others. Don't know what any of the above fixtures cost but they might be alternatives.

Given you really do have 150PAR38FL lamps - GE part #39182 amongst no doubt a few part numbers for them, here is what I would really attempt to do with them. IF they are not new, I would reduce their price by at least 50%, but otherwise and especially if new, I would E-Bay the lamps and attempt to sell them to the old timers that can't do lighting without the long (since I believe 1986) discintinued 150w PAR lamp.

Given you don't have fixtures that use them and you have not formed some concept of design that must use that lamp to make magic, this specific lamp is worth more to other people than you. You should sell them to someone else and take the money you get and either buy other PAR 38 lamps or other fixtures.

While you still can get some off shore and specilized versions of the 150w incandescent PAR 38 lamp, once you run out you won't really be able to match a replacement lamp to it. Given this lamp is a dead end street, why start using it?

Instead sell them off and start fresh. List price on this lamp is or was around $8.00 each. If you can get $4 to $5.00 each for them you are doing good when used.

I have a few cases of them also in stock - given they are new. Only time they leave the shelf is for resale by way of buyer that must have the ancient lamp. Or for the shop manager that is so used to that lamp, it's what he asks for. It's a fairly inefficient lamp but has charactor thus usefulness - though not to you I expect for tat specific lamp over others.

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