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we are going to be doing a show called american hero. so far im not involved enough to know all the details but thats bc school just started....ugh...

to get to the point. it is a student written play and there will be a american flag cut up into 3 section to be lit up stripes and stars w/ blue feild

I dont know if it needs to be dimable, so lets assume it does.
i know leds would work but cost is an issue. christmas light? florescents? (non dim option)

any sugestions
if i read that correctly its not an actual flag but one made out of lights?

paint the flag on some pleix glass and the build a little box to mount the pelix glass on and put some small lamps in it? its the first thing that popped in my head
correct it is not a real flag, it will be built out of who knows what. what type of lamps are you sugesting? i've had that thought.
Check your hardware store for small lamps would be my suggestion. Or even if you take a bunch of Christmas tree lights and bundle them all up nicely and put some frost in-front of it to even out the beam.

Or maybe LED's? Of course, LED's would get very complex very quickly, and expensive.
You could use regular incandescent bulbs with the plexiglass. It would have to be pretty deep in order to let the light spread evenly.
we had like 4 boxes of 20 little bulbs. like 20watts or maybe 15watts that ive used around our theatre and we have a bunch of sockets all you have to do i wire them. and maybe line the side of the pelix towards the lamps with a frost to make it look more even.
What are your guy's thoughts on using the little night light bulbs.

when you say led's will get complex quickly what do you mean by that?
When reading this - I had the same thought as ship did. I guess none of you saw the Savage Garden tour when it his the US in 2000. The used 6' x 4' rope light panels for their back drop.

A quick Google image search turned up the following sites that have pics of the panels. You could probably find more, I simply hit the first few pages:




This site talks more about the LD and the idea and design and whilst it has no pics it still might be useful.

WOW! Ship, that must be your shortest post. I am so used to seeing this long post that explains everything.

I like what the rope lights look like, it should be alot easier to build than any of the other above solutions.

Since the flag sections will be flown in and out, sugestions on frame

After looking at the stuff available from neo-neon, i am now thinking a sheet of 1/4 ply possibly with some pieces on the back to keep it from bowing.
Ships idea of rope light is a good one.

As for rigging it, you might consider chicken wire attached to a wooden or metal frame. The chicken wire gives you a million points to attach the rope light to using wire ties or zip ties.

We happen to be currently blowing out our inventory of rope light. 16' sections are going for only $ 9.90 each.
At that price you are close to giving it away. You obviously want to get rid of it. If you want, I could help take it off your hands if we could call it even, I take it, you get rid of it???

Hey, it's worth a try.
Wow, savage garden, there's a name from the past.
Sorry, I can't just give it away...

I've got about 50 pieces in assorted colors if anyone is interested.
Can you hold those till at least monday evening. I will try and talk to our td then and see what he thinks.

I will need blue, red and white
No matter how good the deal, (depends upon the size and type) Control Booth is not a market place and direct sales adds are not allowed.
Such information should be passed off line.

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