Flame Resistant Paper


I'm an intern at Long Wharf Theatre. My theatre is working on a play called Lewiston. It's set at a fireworks stand. We need to make a bunch of set dressing firework boxes. I'm looking for some kind of printable fire resistant paper, but Google has so far given me nothing to go on.

My boss at my previous internship at Nashville told me that when she was an intern about five years ago, her boss purchased flame resistant paper for an opera where the actors were throwing paper around the stage which had lit candles on it. All she could remember was that it was supposed made for California schools. This again turned up nothing on Google.

Perhaps there is nothing out there, but I must try. And yes, I know I can use FlameX for paper. We're trying to find stuff that we don't need to spray down.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

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