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Flowers for Algernon Ideas

Discussion in 'Scenery, Props, and Rigging' started by AtlanticSmith, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. AtlanticSmith

    AtlanticSmith Member

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    OK. As the post says; We're doing Flowers for Algernon. Two hangups - The Maze and the mouse.

    Has anyone tried a live mouse? I'd like to buy/build a mouse, but in a black box, need the mouse to look realistic-ish. Additionally, I need to have a re-configurable maze, so I can use multiple configurations. Any

  2. DuckJordan

    DuckJordan Well-Known Member

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    Doesnt matter
    When we did Algernon in highschool he acted like there was a mouse. We tried a live mouse but that was a bad idea.

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  3. jonliles

    jonliles Well-Known Member Fight Leukemia

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    Marietta, Georgia, United States
    I helped a HS recently with Flower's for Algernon, the mouse maze was pantomimed and from the audience's perspective it looked like a high sided wooden box. We did use a projection of a mouse superimposed over a maze with some music cues during the scene change to suggest the mouse in the maze.
  4. Amiers

    Amiers Lighting Phoenix 1 Lamp at a Time

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    Phoenix, Az

    Would require someone driving it. I wouldn't imagine it would have much control though. You could buy this and take the mouse off and put it on an rc car with more control from Radio Shack or Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby might even build it for you. If you give them all the stuff.

    Other thing would be to have a maze on top of the table and the same pattern on the bottom and have a magnet maze. Mouse has one magnet and a hand under the table holds the other and follows the pattern.
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