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Hello, I'm starting my ME work on a show that is going to need a couple focus tracks. I have called around 30 rental, lighting and rigging shops and no body has any idea where to rent one. Does any one know where I can find one, or know where I can see plans to make one? Thanks


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You might have to assemble your own from stock parts. I know Rosco makes scenery hangers that work off an I-beam style track but my catalog is at school so I can't give you the exact weight limit and even then it is not rated for human lifting.

Have you tried Reed Rigging yet? If you explane to them what you need they should be able to help you. I know they stock I-beams fall arrest gear and rollers for the I-beams.


Reed Rigging was one of the first places that I tried, and the only thing they had for a focus track was soemthing for motors that would be way to heavy and over kill. I'll check into the Rosco thing, thanks


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I work in a theatre where we use focus track on a regular basis as it is rare that we have a set that allows us to get our A-Frame Extension ladder across the entire stage.

I have never had to rent track before so i can't help you there, but if you look into buying parts, this is what we use. We have four tracks that are made from barn door style track. Our chairs we fabricated in house. When I was at school, they used a similar setup with barn door track and chairs that were purchased from Feller Precision (who has since gone out of business). It is my understanding that in general focus track is not generally OSHA approved, but it certainly makes focus efficient.


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Try Sapsis Rigging. Sorry, I'm not at my computer with the contact info. you can Google them. I'm sure thet Unca Bill can help!!


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