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I no what methods i usualy use. But i figure ill bring up a method im thinking about trying and open it up to how other people distribute and move fog around the stage. The stock methods we deliver fog around the stage is with metal ducting like people use for their dryers. You can connect this to a chiller, or because or the material you can simply stick dry ice in the line as long as its not accessable and thus wont cause injury. we recently tried an effect where we put a tube up on a batton and chilled the fog that went through it so that fog poured down from above. The method i want to try is to use the same setup those sprinkler systems use. The systems im refering to are those that go into the ground so they are flush with the ground and you can walk on them and when the water is turned on a head pops out a little out of the ground and around the circular head there are a number of holes that water comes out of. I believe that what triggers the head to raise is the water pressure so the system would have to be altered slightly so that somthing else rose the head, but this would allow for fog to come from any platform easily and safely. also this has a built in method to make the distribution equal. thoughts?


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i would sugest using a pool water return, they are floor mounted, and do not need to pop up, but will be flush with the floor. as far as equal distribution, I am not sure about that. I know they make a pop up fog thing but i am sure that costs more than you want to spend.


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It seems like I saw a show where they had built in the floor (I guess they have a whole trapdoor system that they built platforms over) and they had little air vents built in flush with the floor. The fog would just rise from those airvents (sorta similiar to those you have on your walls or ceiling for air conditioning) and when they weren't in use you couldn't hardly tell they were there. I don't know how much that might help you, but it may be easier than the whole 'poppin the head' thing.


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Le Maitre has a new toy which does exactly this for floors and platforms..

Click on LOW LYING FOG and scroll down and look for their snazzy new FLOOR POCKET. Its next to their new Fog Curtain.

It works off the pressure of the C02 in the LSG system.. When I was checking it out in detail at LDI.. They SAID it can be set to lift up to 200lbs so anything put on it would not be a barrier or obstacle...but they wouldn't let me stand on it to prove it. :) Its made of thick steel, and is weight bearing to a degree, so it can be installed in a stage and can take weight being rolled over it. The baffle plate under the lip that raises actually can change positions so fog only comes out one side--or removed so it can spread fog evenly all around... VERY cool toy....

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thanks for the link, thats what i was thinking of but couldn't remember who made it to put a link up. i would've liked to try standing on it

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