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We finally have enough instruments and dimmers available to do something about the bland monotony of our no-color FOH. We have 16 ETC 26-degree S4's in FOH, and have 12 dimmers available. I'd like to see some ideas about how to set this up with colors, etc. I've read the "General wash" thread, but I'd like a little more opinion on how ours will work.
how big of stage and how big of an area are you covering?
This is based on circuting available but here are some ideas:

-Alternate by color so that you have a cool, warm, and N/C FOH (If scrollers are avilable this saves a lot of fixtures but does not allow for mixing)
-Break up by area so that you have DR, DC, DL areas
-Create specials in the above areas (there is always someone standing near one of those spots)
-Combinations of the above

Hope this helps

Here's some basic measurements. We have many more measurements that we took a couple months ago sitting somewhere...but we can't find the sheet :?

Proscenium 35' wide x 13'19" high
Setting Line 35' long
Centre Line crossing point at: 17'6"
C/L to Stage Right Wall 30'
C/L to Stage Right Flybar 27'4"
C/L to Stage Left Wall 29'6"
Height of FOH beam from stage surface ≈17'
Distance from FOH beam to base of proscenium ≈33'

Hope that's enough...I can get more on Friday if needed.

I also would like to hear opinions on good backlight color for general events (the usual choir and orchestra concerts, guest speakers, assorted special events, etc).
Its just my opinion but i really like the color purple for orchestra. it really highlights my cello.
Well for backlight color I usually do a cool, deep blue and a N/C (or whatever your "warm" downlight color is). Also If you do DR, DC, and DL specials I would also dedicate an instrument to backlighting them.
Well we pretty much just got finished with the gels, and it looks pretty darn good now ;) I spent two hours of quality time with the TD refocusing FOH, which involved moving many instruments, and many nasty phrases being directed at the stupid old EC track system. I really wish we had pipes. Anyway, we broke it up into three areas, three instruments each. The two cross lights are on the same dimmer, and the center, straight on light is on a different dimmer. So each area takes two dimmers. We got some R62 Booster Blue for the cool side, and some R05 Rose Tint for warm. We currently don't have anything on the straight on light...but I'm thinking of putting some sort of light amber in there like some R02, or maybe even some R06.

We also used our extra instruments and dimmers up there to dedicate one to a hard focused center "soloist light", three for lighting further upstage, and two crossing from stage left to right, and right to left.

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