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North America, September 28, 2020A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting and rigging technologies, including Follow-Me Remote Follow Spot Control Systems, is pleased to announce the release of Follow-Me TWO and SIX.

Follow-Me believes that one of the key points that makes them a truly unique solution is the fact that with a single system you can follow multiple performers, only needing extra mouse consoles. This is the reason why on September 28 Follow-Me is introducing Follow-Me TWO and SIX.

With the introduction of TWO and SIX, Follow-Me will per definition always be a multitarget system, providing customers the flexibility to follow at least TWO performers with our affordable entry-level license. With the TWO licenses, you can run up to 12 fixtures through Follow-Me. With the SIX licenses, you will keep all the flexibility of the former 'Full' license, as it includes automation integration over PSN and the ability to extend the license with Follow-Me TraXYZ autotracking.

Our license structure has thus been revamped to Follow-Me TWO and Follow-Me SIX, instead of 'Lite' and 'Full'. With the clear naming of TWO and SIX, our goal is to clarify the number of performers that can be followed with these licenses. An overview of the two licenses can be found below:

Follow-Me TWOFollow-Me SIX
Art-Net in/outArt-Net in/out
3D performer following3D performer following
Unlimited calibration pointsUnlimited calibration points
1-2 targets1-6 targets
12 fixturesUnlimited fixtures
Automation integration (PSN)
Autotracking upgrade option
Product packages
Follow-Me TWO and SIX will be offered in fully customized packages, assisted by the new product packages tool that can be found on Follow-Me’s website Simply indicate how many performers you wish to follow; how many fixtures you want to use through Follow-Me, and Follow-Me will provide you with the optimal package.

Packages can always be customized based on your wishes. If you need an extra Follow-Me Camera Set or wish to exclude a Follow-Me Fader Console, this is not an issue at all. Prices will be modified accordingly.

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About A.C. Lighting, Inc.

A.C. Lighting, Inc. is a value-added distributor of world-class lighting and associated rigging technologies for the theater, film, television, worship, exhibition, and commercial markets. A.C. Lighting Inc. a North American distributor for premiere brands including Chroma-Q® LED lighting, Vista by Chroma-Q lighting and media control surfaces, PROLIGHTS high value and high-performance range of lighting, video and effects products, Luminex Networking Intelligence manufacturer of data distribution equipment, Manfrotto and Avenger: Professional Lighting Stands and Accessories, Follow-Me Remote Follow Spot Control Systems, LumenRadio wireless lighting controls, Jands StageCL and Prolyte staging and trussing.

For more information, please visit or call 416.255.9494


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