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I have been asked by a local venue to recommend a suitable followspot for their events.
Here are some thoughts I had - I would like some feedback or suggestions on which direction to go for the best overall

1. The venue is in a converted Wal-mart building - approx. 18' ceiling with the booth on what would be the second floor just under the roof trusses.
2. The throw distance from the booth to the back of the stage is approx. 75' without much vertical angle due to the
ceiling height vs. the stage height.
3. The stage lighting rig is entirely LED. Mostly Elation Sixpar 300s with 4 elation moving heads thrown in for effects.
4. While this is primarily a wedding and event venue, they have been hosting tribute band concerts about once per month - basically a rock and roll show with full sound and lights (using the house lighting rig )

I am thinking of a smaller sized spot with enough output to cut easily through the stage wash with a white or R02 type gel. My experience with the old Altspots or the 1000Q is that they are very weak compared to even a moderate stage wash. The only LED spots I could find were an ADJ one and a Chauvet one. The ADJ was 60w and the Chauvet was 75W. I pretty much refuse to suggest anything made by ADJ for a professional application so any thoughts?

Smaller discharge followspots? Obviously iris is a must plus I would like the ability to soften the beam edge - I have seen some discharge lights that really don't allow you to soften the beam like the older lights did.

I am not sure of the power availability but I would guess 220 is out of the question.

Budget really isn't an issue but I don't think we need to spend too much or over buy on features.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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At the last LDI I was very impressed with the RVE (French manufacturer) ChaseLED followspot. I've spec'd them for a new facility. Very bright, very quiet, very cool to the touch. About $5000 and supposed to be equivalent to a 1200w HMI. They have US distribution. For the money, the Mega-lite Drama-FS LED 700 followspot is impressive. Also very bright with 350w LED.. Not nearly as mechanically precise as the RVE. About $2000.


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I'm a RobertcJuluat fan an the current exchange rate and perhaps ACT now being the US agent has reduced the cost in $US a lot.

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