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What brand followspot do you use?

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I have three L&E Mini Spot 64 10. They are small and light weight but the color boom is a front add on. Since I do a lot of things on location they work out well. I don't have much here to compare them to except some Altspots which are big and don't compare in lumens

I've been trying to find other folks that might have the L&E's they have been discontinued for a while.



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In college we got to use the old carbon-arc followspots. Nothing like trying to hit pickups and maintaining the arc to keep you on your toes.

These days we are specifying either the Strong Canto or the Altman Comet.


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Great Performance Products FS400
They use an FXL lamp, have integrated dimming and all the usual features, and made in Manitoba. The street price has more than doubled since we bought them.


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