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Kilmarnock, Virginia 7/15/06

William (Bill) Cronheim has been named a Director of the Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts.

The Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts produces a subscription season of 6 major production each year. Productions run the gambit from Taylor II dance troop to the New Orleans Celebration Jazz Band, Montana Skys to Four pianos. The Virginia Symphony Orchestra is also a frequent guest. The Foundation also underwrites several other community events including a Talent Show, Christmas Show, a Dance Extravaganza and music in the park at Belle Isle State Park.

The season's shows are presented at the Kilmarnock Center for the Arts, a 500 seat state of the art theatre built by the Foundation in 1992. Recent upgrades to the facility include expanding the dimming system to 196 channels of 2.4Kw and a new sound system.

Bill Cronheim, President of Entertainment Systems Corporation will assume the role of Production Designer and be responsible for the coordination of all production related aspects. With 33 years as the President of Entertainment Systems Corporation, a full service production company, and over 43 years in the industry, Bill brings an expertise to the Foundation that bodes for exciting changes for the future.

As an interesting side note, the Foundation was founded in 1972 by William Moore and Elizabeth Cronheim, Bills mother. "I feel honored to continue with my Mothers vision of bringing quality entertainment to Kilmarnock that began almost 40 years ago."
Congrats! What responsibilities will this new position bring for you?
Congratulalmations, my dear sir. Sounds
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DarSax said:
Congratulalmations, my dear sir. Sounds

congratulations, but this also sounds like a _ _ _ _ load of work.

(Fill in the letters)

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